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My dear friends, stakeholders and my well wishers!
Firstly kindly accept my greetings and heartily Namaste. We would like to welcome you to my personal website asaroj.com.np. I am Saroj Adhikari, a web programmer and system designer from Nepal. Most of my friends tell me a question "Mr. Adhikari why didn't you choose this profession before you taught Maths for secondary level in various schools of Kathmandu. If I have to answer you people truly I am not regret from my previous professional because Mathematics and it's formula encouraged me to enter into the world of LOGIC guided by strong imagination that is backed up with strong dedication and devoation towards the issue.

As Elbert Eienstein Said, "LOGIC WILL TAKE YOU FROM A to B, IMAGINATION WILL TAKE YOU TO EVERYWHERE". Exactly we are the people who dare to visualize the imagination.

It was the year 2000, I first launched my first HTML website to the www that gave me much power and inspirations towards learning programing logics and RDBMS and then I started to make web applications for some business organizations in classic ASP. It is needless  to write to you that TECHNOLOGY CHANGES in hours so I planned to have a strong team of professional people to work under a team and I registered an IT company called SILICON CRAFTS in Kathmandu in the year 2018. We have been successfully able to deploy more websites and applications to our valued customers in such short span of TIME. 

WE BELIEVE IN SMART Work(rather than HARD WORK) and Indeed We value your INVESTMENTS in the Information Technology, so before staring your projects , we ensure ourself whether this project is going to be beneficial to both of us. Making MONEY has never been guiding our principles but MAKING PEOPLE is what I and my team deserves. 

Thanking you for your high time to view our website throughly and we are looking forward for the mutually benifical business relationship between us in the days to come and looking forward to have a short meeting regarding use of IT to generate more revenues from our business. 

Thank you again!

Saroj Adhikari
Web Designer/Programmer/ Team Lead
SiliconCrafts Pvt. Ltd. 
Gongabu-10, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: sarojadkr@live.com, info@asaroj.com.np
Mobile: +977 9849028174 (VIBER/WHATS APP/IMO)
Website: https://www.asaroj.com.np

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